Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

About 5 years ago a 20 year old version of me wrote a movie review, and he felt sad at the same time because he saw the last of Harry Potter movies or so he thought.

Harry Potter

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a fantasy film directed by David Yates. A spin-off prequel of the Harry Potter film series, the film was produced and written by J. K. Rowling, inspired by her book of the same name. The film stars Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander with Katherine Waterston, Ezra Miller, Ron Perlman and Colin Farrell. It is the ninth installment in J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World.

Harry Potter

Eddie Redmayne has become one of my favourite actors, not because he was in some tent-pole movie, but because of his performances, the guy commits to the character, even if the director is making a fool out of him, case in point Jupiter Ascending. He portrays a character who is awkward socially, but is a huge hit among the Beasts hence is more comfortable around them. Ezra Miller, to be honest, I am not familiar with his work, all I know is that he is the flash in DCEU and The Perks of Being a Wallflower is on my watchlist, not because of him but Emma Watson.

Harry Potter

Fantastic Beasts takes you back to the back to the Magical World of Harry Potter, but the world doesn’t feel so familiar, it takes place 60-70 year before the events of the Harry Potter series and takes place in New York and the American Wizarding world is quite different, which brings an interesting new look into the Magical World.

Harry Potter

The movie is quite different from what I expected it to be, there is a serious and dark tone to it, people are getting killed left and right. I expected it to be a little lighter in tone and just about, Finding the Beasts let loose by Newt, but it sets up the whole franchise in the first movie itself, there is a huge presence of Grindelwald (basically Voldemort of the series) which I didn’t see coming.

Fantastic Beasts is a treat for Potter fans but also people who love fantasy movies, It doesn’t require you to know all the lore of the Harry Potter movies you could just jump in and still get the Nectar Out of the Film.


Doctor Strange

It’s been 7 days since doctor strange has released and I have spent 3 evenings in a theater. You will ask, is it that good or I am just crazy , honestly it’s a bit of both.

doctor-strange-movie-mordo-and-strange-bannerDoctor Strange is a Superhero film, it is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The film is directed by Scott Derrickson(known for directing horror movies) and stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong, Mads Mikkelsen, and Tilda Swinton.

doctor_strange_2016-hdDoctor Strange is story of a magician, who jumps into a magical cauldron unknowingly. Benedict Cumberbatch loves playing intellectual characters he just has to be a know it all, even if it’s an animated character case in point Penguins of Madagascar. It’s sort of the same character here in the beginning, but it all changes as the movie picks up the pace.
tilda-swinton-doctor-strangeDr Strange brings an exciting level of humor, if I have to compare it to a marvel movie it’s kind of like Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy. I never read any Doctor Strange comics and if I am not mistaken, he has never been featured in any animated movies either but that didn’t affect my enjoyment of the movie.


I am sort of tired of World Threatening situations in movies, it inflates the movie and don’t let it breath, but it makes sense in Dr Strange as he is the protector of the Multiverse. I will end this with, I will be disappointed in this movie doesn’t win the Academy Award for best Special effects, it’s a visual treat.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Sometimes you can listen to a song and sometimes you feel it, there is a difference and you know it.

hobbit-desolation-smaug-bilbo-thorinEmotions shown in this movie at times shown just fall flat. I mean a certain character is crying and you are thinking can we see what Thorin is doing. On the other hand relation between Bilbo and Thorin holds the key to this movie, in-fact, the whole Hobbit series is about Thorin and Bilbo’s friendship.

lillytauriel527F2Honestly, I don’t understand the need of romance between Tauriel and Kili. It just feels weird, it’s not like I don’t like the concept of star-crossed lovers, I think they did a poor job of portraying the affection and it was just out of place.


the_hobbit_an_unexpected_journey_movie-HDThanks to Smaug the opening sequence of this movie was fantastic and the interactions of different characters and meeting for the first few minutes was fun to watch but the battle was a little underwhelming emotionally, visually it looked amazing but till the last act, no character was involved in battle about which anyone of us cares.

tumblr_ndij3pZKrg1r50xflo3_r3_500I was looking forward to the fight between Azog and Thorin but it was less than what I expected, Azog giving poses and waiting for Thorin and basically he digs up his own grave at one point. That being said Manu Bennett has done an amazing job here, yes he is hidden behind all the CGI but his presence still can be felt.



HugoHugo Weaving as Elrond is one character I really like in the Middle Earth franchise so his return made me smile but he had no purpose in the film so he disappeared in 2 minutes but it was cool to see him. Lee Pace is turning out to be an actor I really admire, he brought maturity and mystic to the character which could easily be forgotten in the middle of this huge cast and beloved characters.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Ninja Turtle (5)Any movie which begins with showing the Chrysler Building automatically gets a vote of confidence from me, yeah I am an architecture nerd and I love New York. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is an action comedy film directed by Dave Green. The film stars Megan Fox, Stephen Amell, Will Arnett, Brian Tee, Tyler Perry and Laura Linney.


Ninja Turtle (1)Until I saw this movie I didn’t realize how much nostalgic I am gonna feel, all the memories started coming back, the T.V show, the Movies, and the video game. I could even hear the sound from the game, it was surreal. It’s not only that they made a movie with the turtles which reminded me off all the things from my childhood. Actually, they recreated those character beautifully.

Out of the Shadows at the core deals with what is more important being true to yourself or be something else so we are accepted by the society. Who I am to say which one is better.

Ninja Turtle (4)TMNT also Stephen Amell, who I have been following since a long time,  guest starred in a show which I watch off and on, New Girl. Then he got his own show in the form of Arrow, which was quite good. He is playing a character who like to mention again and again his screws are a little loose but he it didn’t seem that way because we already have 4 ninja turtles running around it’s difficult to top them.

Ninja Turtle (3)Out of Shadow lacks when it comes to the villain, they have 4 prominent Ninja Turtle villains in the movie and only the stupid ones get any screen time which makes the other two look like cowards.

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The Nice Guys

the nice guys (1)As I was watching the Oscars this year, I saw an odd pair Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe presenting an award, I found these two are coming in a movie together. A few days later I saw the trailer and I knew I will be watching this movie, it looked hilarious. Let me tell you a secret, it’s actually hilarious.


Russel Crowe is one of the best Hollywood has to offer but I was impressed by Gosling more, his comic timing was brilliant and his expressions were just dead on.


TNG_DAY_#03_10282014-193.dngThe Nice Guys is about two detectives played by the lead actors, one wants to do good in the world but isn’t provided with the opportunity other gets the opportunity but just exploits it. The Nice Guys is a comedy-action-mystery movie which has a lot of things going on and all of them converges, in the end, Shane Black almost managed it.


the nice guys (4)I knew Matt Bomer is in this movie and I was just excited to see him after a long time. Gosh, I miss White Collar, why did that show had to end?  That being he just looked like a poor man’s version of Mads Nicholson. This movie is not about any particular theme, I didn’t find any hidden meaning in it and I was okay with it, I just wanted to laugh and that’s what I did for 2 hours straight.

The Motorcycle Diaries

Motorcycle Diaries (5)I don’t like movies with subtitles I think it’s not the purest form of a movie also don’t like dubbed movies either. One thing I learned after watching Motorcycle Diaries, movies with subtitles can be just as good actually it’s the score which makes you feel the emotions, not some words. In other words, music is a universal language which transcends each and everything we know.


The Motorcycle Diaries is a biopic about Ernesto Guevara, who is popularly known as the revolutionary Che Guevara. It shows his expedition in 1952, by a motorcycle.

Motorcycle Diaries (3)Motorcycle Diaries begins with Alberto and Ernesto, leaving their home, their job and education to explore South America. Initially, I thought the movie is just gonna be about an adventure these two are gonna embark upon, but it dives into a much complex theme as we move along. It  explores youth, passion, love, affection, adrenaline, faith, compassion, helpfulness and most of all desire to do something meaningful in life


Motorcycle Diaries (1)The movie has a lot of heart, it delights you with the bond between two friends, makes you care for them for their struggle, makes you angry when they are angry and makes you cheer for them when they accomplish something.


Motorcycle Diaries (4)

This sequence broke my soul into pieces, I have a fascination with Rome like no other one might even say I am obsessed with it. Each time I see the coliseum I just get mesmerized by the beauty of it and then  a couple of years back I realized I am fascinated by a place where about half a million people killed each other. It was a glorified fighting pit after all, one might say they were gladiators and they fought for glory but they were people after all


Into the Wild

For the longest time I thought Gone with the Wind and Into the Wild are the same movie and I never had any desire to watch the former so I missed this master piece until a friend made it clear these are two separate movies.

Into the Wild is written and directed by Sean Penn. It is an adaptation of Jon Krakauer’s book of the same name, based on the life of Christopher McCandless and his time spent in the Alaskan. The film stars Emile Hirsch, Marcia Gay Harden, William Hurt, Jena Malone, Catherine Keener, Vince Vaughn and Kristen Stewart.


I didn’t know much about the film, I didn’t know what was waiting for me. There are only a few ways by which you can relate to a character in a movie, one of them is if you have lived a similar life to them or the exact opposite, I fall into the latter category when it comes to Into the Wild. This movie talks about our life being controlled by the modern society, living with the help of materialistic objects.

Into the wild is about Christopher McCandless a.k.a Alex Supertramp, who leaves everything behind money, car, comforts, and family behind to go on an adventure. He travels penniless nationwide to discover how the primitives must have felt living in the dirt without any rules. Now I wanna go on a trip like this but only for a few days.

Into the Wild deals with a lot of philosophies and I don’t have to talk about the quality of this movie cause it’s great but something else, we mostly end up becoming what we idolize or at least we try to be.


I believe the real Christopher McCandless, wanted to experience an adventure of a lifetime so he could write, like the hundreds’ of books he read, he wanted to be one of those he admired he wanted to be a writer. It really shows when he breaks down as he realizes he won’t be able to share his story with the rest of the world, hence the quote “Happiness is only real when shared”. This quote made a lot of sense to me and brought the whole movie a full circle.

This movie is actually relate-able when you stop and think about it, cause you will fall on either side of the spectrum, someone who’s life is dependent on the materialistic thing or you can live without them.